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Watch the video below to learn more about our Unique 3 Step Recruiting System That We've Used to Generate Over 15,000 High Quality Driver Leads For Some of the Top FedEx Contractors

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I've Developed A Unique and Successful, Automated Recruiting System That Has Worked Even in the Toughest of Markets In Order To Help Keep Your Trucks On The Road Generating Revenue
What You Will Learn From This Presentation:
Secret #1: Fishing In A Blue Ocean
When you go fishing, do you prefer to fish in the same hole as 100 other people, or the one with only 5 other people? (assuming they have the same amount of fish). I'll reveal where we go while everyone else is battling it out on the job boards. 
Secret #2: Having A 24/7 Automated Screening Process
Interviewing Unqualified Drivers Wastes Time and Money. Never Run Into This Problem Again... And Better Yet, It's All Automated! You'll Only Interview Qualified, Serious Prospects Ready To Join Your Team!
Secret #3: Setting Up An Automated Secretary
This Automated System Will Keep You Organized & Follow-Up With Your Qualified Leads To Help Your Interviews to Always Follow Through... All Without A Secretary!

Proven Results - Testimonials

What Are Others Saying
"Increased employee leads..."
"I would like to say that working with Mitch at M3Traffic has been great. It has dramatically increased employee leads compared with other advertisements I've run in the past.
- Joe N.
"absolutely the best..."
"Mitch Adams and his team at M3Traffic are absolutely the best. They are responsive to our request and always available for a call or email. M3Traffic allows us to pinpoint the market we want to target and gets us the leads we need. Our quick response to a lead allows the applicant to know that we care and are interested in them working for our team. The key to hiring is how quickly we get back to the prospect. We have found that answering the phone when someone calls or texting back immediately is the most important thing we can do. M3Traffic is a valued partner of all DTI Companies!" 
- Dave T.
Mitch Adams
Digital Marketing Expert
About Me:
Mitch Adams, the CEO of M3Traffic, has been helping businesses with Facebook Ads for over 4 years, managing over $3 Million in ad spend in a variety of industries 
Marketing For The Trucking Industry. After working with dozens of local businesses, direct response offers, and e-commerce brands, M3Traffic has taken traditional online marketing tactics and applied it for recruiting in the trucking industry. In this way, we are doing it DIFFERENT than almost anyone out there. As we've implemented this proven recruiting system, we've generated over 5,000 high qualified leads in just the last year. 
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